Korean Grammar Dictionary

~ 치고는 【탁상시계치곤 고급 시계이긴 하나 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
보조사 (보조사)
『 』
NOUN치고는: When it comes to NOUN; as for every NOUN; as for being a NOUN; 'for a NOUN' considering it is [just] a NOUN

탁상시계치곤 고급 시계이긴 하나 (타인 7)
It was high-class for a table-clock but...

뚜--- 소리가 날 때마다 안영감도 그 숨찬 턱을 덜걱거리며 부두로 달음질곤 했다 (아담 1)
Every time the horn sounded, Old Man Ahn would run to the wharf with his rickety jaw gasping for air.