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-자 (마자) 【그러 나도 마음이 급해졌다】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
Modifier (Modifier)
『 』
Plain base + -자 (마자): as soon as, when, no sooner than. In literary Korean, it is more common to leave off the optional 마자, and in spoken Korean, some speakers treat the latter as 말자.
그러 나도 마음이 급해졌다 (아버지 )
No sooner [had I thought these thoughts that] I too grew uneasy.

영달이가 투덜대 정씨가 말했다 (삼포 8)
As soon as Yŏngdal whined, Mr. Chŏng said ...

아버지는 아홉시가 넘 잠이 들었다 (아버지 )
Father fell asleep after nine o'clock.

지난 봄에 내가 실직을 하게 되 (삼포 12)
Last spring, as soon as I lost my job, ...

아버지는 아침이 되 한결 좋아져서 세면을 하러 우물까지 혼자 갔다올 정도였다 (아버지 )
As soon as it became morning, father was doing so much better that he could go to the well to wash up on his own.

다음날 반찬이 열다섯 가지쯤 되는 여관의 아침상을 받 (겨울 4)
As soon as I got the inn's breakfast table, consisting of about fifteen side dishes...

버스가 속력을 내 나는 겁먹은 소리로 물었다. (겨울 5)
No sooner had the bus started to speed up when I asked her fearfully...

상지대를 한 바퀴 돌 다시 눈앞에 얼어붙은 호수가 펼쳐졌다. (겨울 6)
Once I had circled the commercial district, the frozen lake lay before me again.

차츰 어둠에 눈이 익 아랫목에 단정히 앉았는 한 노파를 볼 수 있었다 (겨울 7)
As my eyes slowly got accustomed to the dark I was able to see an old woman sitting upright on the warmer part of the ondol room.

몸이 녹 잠이 오기 시작했다. (겨울 8)
As soon as my body thawed I began to drift into sleep.

세상이 뒤바뀌 그 땅은 전부가 동양척식회사의 소유에 들어가고 말았다. (고향 3)
No sooner had things been turned on their head, than the entire property ended up being owned by the East Colonizaton Company.

그 소문이 퍼지 그 처녀 가족은 그 동리에서 못 살고 (고향 6)
No sooner had word spread, than the girl's family were no longer able to live in that village, and...

만약 안방이라도 뒤져값진 물건을 가져간다면 생각이 거기에 미치 (과객 7)
As soon as his thoughts drifted to wondering what would happen if they ransacked his room and took the item...

군청으로 출근을 하 금지에서 온 소식이 나를 기다리고 있었다 (아버지 )
As soon as I took off for work at the county office, I found news from Kŭmji waiting for me.

그 여자의 노래가 끝나 나는 의식적으로 바보 같은 웃음을 띠고 (무진 14)
As soon as her song finished I soberly began to laugh foolishly...

피로가 어느 정도 풀리 그는 물을 잠그고 몸을 정성들여 닦는다 (타인 11)
As soon as his exhaustion had eased somewhat, he turned off the shower and carefully dried off his body.

스위치를 내리, 벽에 도료처럼 붙었던 어둠이 차곡차곡 잠겨서 덤벼들고 (타인 16)
As soon as he turned off the switch, the shadows that had been stuck on the wall like paint gradually became immersed in the darkness and attacked him, and...

인자가 미국으로 떠나 버리 아버지는 조금 흔들리는 것 같았으나 (아버지 )
It seemed as though Father had weakened slightly as soon as Inja took off for the United States but...
-자 마자
승지 부임하자 마자 터진 옥사로 구명 운동에 이리 뛰고 저리 달려 온 지난 두 달 동안에 (춘향뎐 )
During the two months that he spent running around here and there trying to save his father's name after the revelations of his involvements in a capital offense...