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-(이)라도1 【옷이 조금이라도 찢어지면 생명을 잃는다. 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
Pseudo-particle (Pseudo-particle)
『 』
Pseudo-particle -(이)라도: even if (it be) just (or the) like (= -(이)나); or even any, some even if it be [just/only] even just.

옷이 조금이라도 찢어지면 생명을 잃는다. (우주여)
If your clothing gets even slightly torn, you lose your life.

한가지라도 실수로 잘못하면 (알마덴 )
even if you get just one of them wrong …

한번 호령만 하고 보면 산천이라도 물러설 것 같던, 그 기개와 오늘의 자기 (복덕방 )
With one command it seemed that even the mountains and streams might move out of the way—that's what it was like between the present you and that machine.

그런 날이라도 미리 주워 두었던 담배 깜부기만 넉넉하면 한결 그것이 벗이 되었다 (아담 4)
Even on days like this, a pocketful of collected cigarette butts were all the more a good friend.

잠시라도 눈을 붙이시지요? (산행 16)
Why don't you close your eyes just for a moment?

지금이라두 쉽지 (삼포 7)
That's easy for the time being ...

무슨 약을 먹었는지 모르지만 지금이라도 어쩌면... (무진 21)
I don't know what kind of drugs he took but even now, what if...

물론입니다. 지금 당장이라도 나서고 말구요. (산행 8)
Of course. I'm going to get involved, even if it means right now.

내일 당장이라도 그는 그런 제안을 할 것 같아서 (알마덴 )
since it seemed that as soon as it was tomorrow he would promptly make such a proposition …

우선은 말동무라도 있었으면 싶었다 (삼포 5)
He thought to himself that, above all, he would at least like to have someone to talk to [during the journey].

어머님 고기라도 사다 드리면 (겨울 15)
[it is nice] to at least buy some meat for my mother-in-law ...

그것이 무슨 잘못이라도 되는 것처럼 (무진 10)
as if it was something to be ashamed of ...

그것만이라도 꿀떡이었다 (빙하기 )
Even those clothes were the best [one could hope for].

고구마라도 한 개 먹었으면 (빙하기 )
if only he could eat a sweet potato [or the like] ...

한 입이라도 더 줄여야 (빙하기 )
they had to reduce the mouths to feed by at least one [if they were to ...]

위로받고 싶었다. 아니면 따끈한 커피 한잔이라도. (첫눈 5)
I wanted to be comforted. If not that, then I at least wanted a cup of steaming coffee.

고개만이라도이라고 (불 14)
even if it just be your head, please bow ...

이라도 삐었는지 (삼포 24)
perhaps because she had sprained her foot or something ...

농담이라도 하는 게 아닌가 의심이 들었다. (과객 2)
I wondered whether he wasn't jesting or something.

아내에게 복수라도 하듯 (과객 7)
as if to get back at her or the like ...

마치 발악이라도 하듯이 (겨울 10)
just as if she were raving or something ...

나는 그 아주머니를 보자 내 집에 온 것처럼 마음이 놓이고 어리광이라도 부리고v싶어졌다. (겨울 7)
The moment I saw that lady I felt relaxed as if I was at home and I wanted to act childish.

하도 착실한 학생이었던지라 만의 하나라도 무슨 일이 있는 게 아닌가 싶어 알리는 거니 (겨울 15)
I'm only letting you know in case there is even a one-in-ten-thousand chance that something happened to him, since he was such a trust-worthy student...

어떻게 목돈이라도 만지게 되면 도망간 부인을 되찾을 수 있을지도 모른다고요. (빙하기 )
I might be able to reunite with my wife who had run away if I can get my hands on even a good sum of money.

면장갑이라도 끼지 않고서는 배겨낼 도리가 없었다. (산행 14)
There was no way to endure the cold without putting on a pair of cotton gloves or something.

하지만 그는 더러워서 정말 더러워서, 침이라도 뱉을 심산이었다. (타인 3)
It was so filthy, so disgusting that he wanted to spit on it.

삼간초옥이라도 후락하고 다 쓰러져가는 아주 오막살이 삼 칸이다 (불 7)
Even though it was called a three-room thatched roof cottage, it was really a decaying old shack on the verge of collapse.