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-(이)라니(요) 【까닭이라니 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
NOUN(이)라니(요)?: What to do you (by saying) "NOUN"? I.e., What do you mean, "NOUN"? Queries a statement just made by throwing it back as a question. Used in a rejoinder to raise doubt about or query/question the interlocutor's statement. Belongs to a set of "echoed quotations" which have the effect of throwing back, challenging, or reiterating/emphasizing something just said.

까닭이라니 (고향 6)
What do you mean, 'prior connection'?

그런데, 그런 나도 못 견딜 외로움이라니! (빈처)
But even as I say this, the loneliness is so unbearable!

집에서 애 둘을 키우는 여자가 직장이라니? (빈처)
'Work' for a woman raising two kids at home?

과객이라니 (과객 2)
“A 'passerby'”, he says.

여기저기서라니 (과객 2)
What do you mean by 'here and there'?

라니 (무진 10)

젊은 여자라니요 (첫눈 6)
What do you mean, 'young lady'?

젊은 여자라니 (첫눈 7)
What did [he] mean young woman? [It was probably because of the dark.]

이별이라니 (첫눈 7)
What am I saying—'broke up' ...

이서방이라니 올체 이풍헌 아들 이서방인가? (춘향뎐 )
Would that be young Master Yi, as in the son of Yi P'unghŏn?