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-(이)나마 나마 다행 아닌가. [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
보조사 (보조사)
『 』
Copula -이- + extended adversative -(이)나마 functioning as a kind of pseudo-particle: ... though it may be; ... such as it is; although it is (only the likes of).... Often with a slightly stylistic flair.

나마 다행 아닌가. (빈처)
That in itself is fortunate, is it not?

나마 키스라도 하는 게 얼마나 다행스러운지 몰랐다. (도마뱀)
Thank God he at least kissed me a bit, for what it was worth.

삼 칸이나마 몽땅 태워버리고 말았다 (불 17)
The three rooms—such as they were—burned to the ground.

한 시절이나마 (산행 3)
even for one time ...

의식도 삼베중이에 조밥이나마 굶고 (아담 3)
When it came to food and clothing, I wore decent hemp clothes and occasionally had to eat millet rice (instead of white rice), and ...

순간순간이나마 (아담 6)
despite the fact that it was but for an instant here and then ...

빈 둥우리나마 (학마을 )
the empty nest, such as it was...

막연한 것이나마 (불 13)
vague though it was ...

작은 것이나마 (맹 순사)
although they were small ... ; ... small though they were ...

그것이나마 (맹 순사)
although he did ...

게으른 그에게는 막벌이나마 역시 되지 않았다 (감자 2)
For a lazy bum like him, even [something as trifling as] odd-jobs were a washout.

뭇다락이 먹던 턱찌꺼기나마 (아담 5)
Leftovers of the hoi poloi they may be, but ...
On -어서
힘 안 들고 손쉬운 일을 행해서나마 (불 15)
Even though it is only a effortless act on my part ...
On -게
흐릿하게나마 (아담 5)
however vaguely it may have been...

내가 짧게나마 환음사(歡音寺)에 머물고 있던 때였다 (산행 1)
It was the time when, short though it was, I stayed at Hwanum Temple.
On (으)로
일방적으로나마 지탱해 보려는 안간힘 (아버지 )
[It came from a] self-restraint of trying to maintain [the relationship] even on a one-sided basis ...

쉽게 행할 수 있는 것으로나마 (불 2)
by means of this easily preformed task ...
On -이
어렴풋이나마 하고 있었고 (무진 26)
the dimness with which I am asking

어렴풋이나마 (무진 31)
although it is vague ...; vague thought it may be