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부터 【이런 주접스러운 생각부터 했다 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
Particle (Particle)
『 』
Particle 부터: (order) beginning with, first, starting from

이런 주접스러운 생각부터 했다 (겨울 1)
I began (first of all) to wonder selfishly.

나는 울컥 혐오감부터 느꼈다 (겨울 2)
The first thing I felt was a sense of loathing welling up inside me.

돈 계산부터 츱츱하게 하면서 (겨울 15)
The first thing I did was to calculate, shamelessly, the money she would make ...

우선 궁금한 것부터 물었다 (과객 1)
I first began with asking about the things I was curious about.

대꾸부터 엉뚱했다 (산행 11)
[For starters] even his answer was preposterous.

소년은 가슴부터 두근거렸다 (소나기 )
The boy's heart immediately started pounding (or, The first thing that happened was that his heart started pounding.)

예산에부터 들지 못하는 모양이었다 (복덕방 )
For starters, it seemed as though [the money] couldn't even make it into the budget [let alone finding its way into his hands].

박희완 영감부터 (복덕방 )
[realized] that, starting with Pak Hŭiwan, they had been duped; or, [realized] that everyone, starting with Pak Hŭiwan, had been cheated

빌기부터 먼저 했다 (빙하기 )
He would start with pleading; or, The first thing he would do was plead.

학의 동정부터 보았다 (학마을 )
[The villagers] first looked at the state (condition) of the cranes.

바우의 얼굴부터 살폈다 (학마을 )
First, [the villagers] looked at Pau's face.