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마저(도) 【집(을) 마저 팔았다】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
Particle (Particle)
『 』
Delimiter 마저(도) going to the extreme/limit of; (including) even; including (even the extreme case of); also (on top of everything/everyone else); with all the rest.
집(을) 마저 팔았다 ()
He went so far as to sell his house (or, He even had to sell his house as the final outcome of his misfortunes).

정씨에게는 풍문마저 낯설었다 (삼포 29)
To Mr. Chŏng, even the hint of it was unfamiliar.

고향집마저 남의 손에 넘기게 된 모양이었다 (소나기 )
It looks like even their old homestead has fallen into other's hands.

잠꼬대 같은 대화마저 끊어졌다 (학마을 )
Even this 'sleep-talkish' dialogue was cut off.

박훈장마저 (학마을 )
Even Schoolmaster Pak ...
내 방 호마이카상 위에 켜진 촛불마저도 (산행 4)
Even the candle light on top of the formica table in my room ...

희미한 촛불마저도 (산행 4)
including even faint candle-light ...

정씨마저도 불가로 다가앉아 (삼포 21)
Even Mr. Chŏng sat closer to the bonfire ...