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로서(는) 【그보다 이십년이나 위로서 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
Compound Particle (Compound Particle)
『 』
NOUN(으)로서: as; for; in the capacity of; being ... An emphatic synonym of (으)로 in certain of its meanings: (means) with, by, by means of, through, using; (constituency, content) made of, formed from, full of/with (made) out of; (cause) for, as, with, from, because of, due to; (result) as a consequence of, with, in accordance with; (state, status) as, being; (manner) as, in, with.
(state, status) as, being
그보다 이십년이나 위로서 (감자 1)
being some twenty older than she

부녀 사이의 그것으로서 이해할 수 있었으나 (겨울 2 )
A (soft, warm and satisfying) rapport between a loving father and daughter—that I could understand, but ...

주인으로서는 (과객 4)
being the head of the household ...

이제 내 생활의 일부로서 (무진 8)
being that [the newspaper] had become an integral part of my life ...

세 사람은 남자로서 (무진 11)
the three men ...

한 사람은 여자로서 (무진 11)
one of them being a woman ...

교육가로서의 사명 (아버지 )
his mission as an educator

그의 초연한 교육자로서의 품위 (아버지 )
his dignity as an excellent educator

로서는 참기 어려운 일 (춘향뎐 )
for him (being as he was), enduring was a difficult thing...

사랑하는 여자로서 (춘향뎐 )
as a loving woman …

총중의 한 포기로서 넉넉히 짐작할 수 있다 (산 2)
As one of the bunch, I can pretty much guess [what the trees are saying, thinking].

이 꼴로서 (복덕방 )
in this pitiful state
as for
아무 지식이 없는 나로서는 (고향 3)
as for me, who has no knowledge [about jobs]

지금 길수로서는 (빙하기 )
as far as Kilsu was concerned ...

지금으로서는 (춘향뎐 )
as for now...

아버지로서는 지수의 방 (나무꾼)
For her father/as far as her father was concerned, Chisu's room …

자신을 학대했던 그녀로서는 (나무꾼)
For her, who had tormented herself …

얘기를 나눌 시간도 별로 없는 나로서는 (빈처)
For me, who doesn't have all that much time to chit-chat with her …
with/by means of; using
으로서 방울을 만들어서 (무진 9)
gathering gobs of spit ...

이것으로서 족하리라고 생각되었다 (산 6)
With this, he thought it would be sufficient.