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-ㄹ 테니(까) 【"너를 포기할 테니까 답을 가르쳐달라고 했어." 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
연결어미 Connective ending (연결어미 Connective ending)
『 』
The expectation/intention pattern in -(으)ㄹ 테다 combined with -(으)니(까) meaning, literally, since it is the expectation or anticipation that .... will do/be ... . When the subject of the verb is first person (I or we), the "plan/intention" meaning comes into play, usually followed by a command or request, and the first clause often the sense of a promise to be carried out conditional upon the other person's carrying out the command or request in the second clause.
on processive verbs
"너를 포기할 테니까 답을 가르쳐달라고 했어." (우주여)
"He said he'd give you up if I gave him the answers."

그리고 그를 만져서도 안 돼. 그가 사라질 테니까. (도마뱀)
You also may not touch him, because he'll disappear.

비밀은 내가 지킬 테니 나 하자는 대로 할까? (복덕방 )
Since I intend to keep the secret, shall we do it the way I am suggesting?

수히 갚을 테니 백 원만… (맹 순사)
Suhi, I'll pay you back, so can you lend me just a hundred wŏn?

아무래도 월출서 기차를 탈테니까 정거장 목만 지키면 된다구. (삼포 10)
Because (when it comes down to it) she's likely to take the train at Wŏlch'ul, all we have to do is to guard around the (entrance of the) station.

여기서 지체하면 하룻밤 자게 될 테니 (삼포 21)
If we dawdle here we'll end up having to spend the night.

가져 갈 테니 (옥토끼 )
because I'm going to take it back

얼마 달아나지 못했을 테니 따라가서 머리채를 끌구 와요. (삼포 10)
Since she couldn't have gone that far, so drag her back here by her hair/yank her by her hair and drag her back here.

앞으로 오빠라고 부를 테니까 절 서울로 데려다 주시겠어요? (무진 19)
Since I will call you 'older brother' from now on, will you take me with you back to Seoul?

출장 갔다고 할 테니까 오시지 않으셔두 돼요. (타인 18)
I will tell (them you) went on a business trip (so you don't need to come)

준비할 테니 드시고 가셨으면 … (겨울 8)
Since I'll be preparing it anyway, why don't you help yourself to a meal …?

전무님이 되면 책임이 더 무거워질 테니 말야 (무진 7)
I mean, if you become the managing director, you'll probably have much more responsibility.
on descriptive verbs
당신은 피로하실 테니 제가 출장 가신 것을 잘 말씀드리겠어요. (타인 5)
Since you must be exhausted, I will explain to him well that you've gone on a business trip.

당신은 피로하실 테니 제가 출장 갔다고 할 테니까 오시지 않으셔두 돼요. (타인 18)
Since you will probably be tired I will tell him that you went on a business trip so you don't have to come.
on copula
다음과 같은 원인들 때문일 테니 그 점에 유의하셔서 저를 치료해 보십시오. (무진 7)
Because it will be due to the following reasons, you are welcome to try to cure me in careful regards to those points.