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-ㄹ 지경이다 【사람들끼리 서로 잡아먹게 될 지경인데 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
Is on the verge of [something undesirable]; is about to [suffer something]
on processive verbs
사람들끼리 서로 잡아먹게 될 지경인데 (불 9)
any minute people would start eating one another ...

어쨌든 나중엔 거의 환장할 지경이었다 (삼포 4)
Anyhow, Yŏngdal got to the point where he would, in the end, go berserk.
on descriptive verbs
머리가 아프고 호흡이 탁할 지경이었다 (산행 2)
It was a situation in which one's head would hurt and one's breathing obstructed.