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-ㄹ뻔 한다 【그 아내 될 뻔한 댁 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
Almost does it. Note that this pattern is sometimes flagging or presaged at the beginning of the sentence or clause with 자칫하면, 자칫했더라면 or 하마터면 meaning at the slightest slip, with the slightest provocation.

그 아내 될 뻔한 (고향 7)
the woman who had almost become his wife

어쩔 뻔했을까 모르겠어요 (겨울 15)
[I'm telling you, if you hadn't come,] I would not have known what to do ... (NB: This could be paraphrased here as 어쩔 뻔 했을지 ...)

자칫했더라면 물에 빠질 뻔했다 (학마을 )
… almost fell into the water