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-ㄹ 만하다 【과객을 받아들일 만한 정신적인 유산 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
Prospective modifier -(으)ㄹ followed by postmodifier adjectival noun 만 하다 meaning is sufficient (to do), is well worth (doing), is at the point (of doing), has reached the stage (when it can do).

과객을 받아들일 만한 정신적인 유산 (과객 9)
a spiritual inheritance worthy enough to accept the passerby

그런대로 참을 만한 대우 (과객 10)
a treatment that is, as far as it goes, bearable enough

그들을 알아줄 만한 사람이면 (과객 11)
as for those people who were good enough to inform them ...

놀랄 만한 (복덕방 )
worthy of being surprised at; worth being startled at

어제까지는 견딜 만했다 (빙하기 )
Up until yesterday [he] was able to stand it; It had been bearable up until yesterday.

무섬증을 느낄 만한 괴이한 소리 (산행 4)
sounds eerie enough to instill fear

설득시킬 만한 언어 (산행 19)
convincing words

소 달구지 한 대쯤 지날 만한 (삼포 15)
a road which was only wide enough for an ox-cart to pass through

돕고 끌어 줄 만한 시기 (아버지 )
a point at which I can help and lead [my father]

여부도 딱히 밝힐 만한 아무 근거도 없다 (춘향뎐 )
There was absolutely no grounds to …

마을 사람들이 다 모일 만해서 (학마을 )
around the time when the villagers had all gathered ...

울음 울만한 그런 취홍 (산행 5)
an intoxication that is worthy of a good cry

땔 만한 것들을 끌어모아다가 (삼포 21)
scraped together stuff that was suitable to build a fire with ...