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-ㄹ 걸(요) 【"아버지도 늦게 들어오시든가, 호텔에서 주무시든가 할걸요 ."】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
종결 어미 Final ending (종결 어미 Final ending)
『 』
In origin, a contraction from -(으)ㄹ 것을(요). This is an example of what Martin calls the use of the accusative to "mark an antithetical clause that ends in a modifier + 것." The meaning is contrary to what you might expect or think, despite contrary anticipations/reservations; although, but; (it's) too bad (that ...), in spite of the fact that ... ; anyway, so there!

"아버지도 늦게 들어오시든가, 호텔에서 주무시든가 할걸요 ." ()
"And (contrary to what you might be assuming) my father will probably either come home late or else sleep at a hotel."

이따 네시 반에나 있을 걸요 (겨울 8)
The next bus will be at about four-thirty, I guess.

미칠 것 같을 걸요 (무진 19)
You will probably go crazy.

어딜 가도 대학시절과는 다를 걸요 (무진 19)
Anywhere you go will be different from how it was back in your high-school years (contrary to your expectations ...).

서울까지 가게 될 걸 (무진 29)
(You'll) end up having to go to Seoul anyway (despite your contrary expectations).

조오치 하지만 댁은 안될 걸 (삼포 8)
Fine. But you probably won't be able to ...

술이나 옆에서 쳐달랠 걸 (삼포 11)
[If Paekhwa were here] I would ask her to sit down beside me and pour me a drink.