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-든지 【어느 곳에 가든지 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
연결어미 Connective ending (연결어미 Connective ending)
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The endings -던지 and -든지 can be treated as spelling variants, although some Korean grammarians try to maintain an artificial (for Seoul, anyway) distinction: -던지 whether/maybe one has been doing vs. -든지 used with an interrogative-indefinite word, meaning any at all, regardless of which, ...-(so)ever, (whatever) one may do, however it (has been observed to) be, (how, what, etc.)-ever it (has been observed to) be. Nowadays the whatever (etc.) meaning is usually spelled with -든지. This pattern can optionally be followed by 간에.
on plain bases
어느 곳에 가든지 (무진 19)
wherever you go ...

그것이 무슨 일이든지 (무진 23)
whatever [people] do ...

세상살이에 이런 어려움은 얼마든지 있으니 (빈처)
since there are always any number of difficulties like this in life …

당신이 얼마든지 주무르고 어를 수 있는 여자예요, 하듯이 (빈처)
… as if to say, "I am a woman that you can fondle and caress as much as you like."
on past bases
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