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-도록 【새벽에 들어와서 열두 시가 넘도록 늘어지게 잤던 것이다. 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
연결어미 Connective ending (연결어미 Connective ending)
『 』
Projective -도록 to the point where; until (a result); so that.

새벽에 들어와서 열두 시가 넘도록 늘어지게 잤던 것이다. (빈처)
… had come home in the wee hours of the morning and slept like a log until well past noon.

연기가 사라지지 않도록 창문을 굳게 닫아걸고 (도마뱀)
… shut the windows up tight so that the smoke would not disappear …

오래도록 바라보았다. (나무꾼)
… gazed at it for a long time.

밤새도록 (빙하기 )
all through the night; all night long …

그날은 밤이 깊도록 (학마을 )
that day, deep into the night ...

밤이 깊도록 (감자 9; )
until deep/late in the night

겨울이 다 지나도록 (복덕방 )
until winter had completely passed

사흘이 지나도록 (감자 10)
until four days had passed

그 후 삼사 년이 지나도록 (아담 3)
after this to the point of three or four years ...

도록 마셨다 (과객 12)
drank until late

계절이 다 늦도록 (학마을 )
[the cranes didn't return] even until late in the season

벌써 일주일이 넘도록 (겨울 15)
it's been more than a week ...

밤 열두시가 넘도록 (무진 18)
after midnight ...

끔찍하도록 섬세하고 (겨울 2)
it was dreadfully detailed and ... (lit.: detailed to the point of being dreadful)

불어 터지도록 (무진 6)
to the extent that a few of my toes broke ...

성기를 아프도록 때리는 감촉 (타인 11)
a sensation to the point of pain being inflicted upon the penis...

나의 손을 아프도록 쥐고 (무진 11)
pressing my hand to the extent that it hurt ...

나는 아프도록 쑤시는 이마를 베개에 대었다 (무진 30)
I lay my forehead, which was throbbing to the point of making me sick, on the pillow.

다리가 아프도록 쫓아다녀 보고 (아담 5)
… would chase after until his legs hurt, and …

엄지손가락이 얄밉도록 밖으로만 쥐어져 있었다. (복덕방 )
To the point that it was provoking, the thumb always ended up on the outside when the hand was rolled into a fist.

새로 두 점을 치도록 (복덕방 )
until [the clock struck] two in the morning

밤 이슥하도록 (불 15)
till late at night ...

단번에 손쉽게 타도록 꾸미었을 것이다 (불 17)
it was prepared in a way that it would burn easily all at once

입안에서 풀이 되도록 (빙하기 )
until it turned to paste in his mouth ...

땀이 나도록 두껍게 옷을 입고 (빙하기 )
to wear clothes that were so thick they'd make you sweat ...

숨이 닿도록 (빙하기 )
to the point where he couldn't breathe ...

담배불이 손가락끝에 닿도록 쭈욱 빨아 넘겼다 (삼포 2)
… drew on his cigarette to the point where the lighted part touched the tips of his fingers. (Note that 넘기다 here is for swallow; inhale.)

입이 닳도록 (산행 7)
speaking to the point of wearing out one's mouth; speaking profusely

털모자의 챙을 이마빡에 붙도록 척 올리면서 말했다 (삼포 2)
spoke while lifting the strap of his fur hat up to his forehead in a somewhat dignified manner

자기는 숨이 가쁘도록 (아담 2)
to him it was to the point of making him gasp for breath

그 겨울 몇 십 인치씩 쌓이도록 눈이 내리고 (알마덴 )
that winter snow fell to the point of piling up several tens of inches (a couple of feet)

가닥이 있을 수 없도록 (춘향뎐 )
so that there are no pieces left ...

아침부터 지금 낮이 기울도록 (학마을 )
from morning until now as the day was waning ...

졸리도록 따스한 봄 햇볕이 (학마을 )
the spring sunshine, which was warm to the point of inducing sleep ...

학은 낮이 기울도록 안 보였다 (학마을 )
the cranes weren't seen even until late in the day

서럽도록 보고 싶어졌다 (겨울 14)
[it got to be so that] I missed [my husband] to the point where it saddened me

평생 산에서 살도록 태어났는지도 모른다 (산 6)
he wasn't sure whether perhaps he wasn't born to live out his whole life in the mountains

미끄러지지 않도록 (삼포 19)
[they had to hold her from both sides] so that she wouldn't slip

아버지의 귀에 들리도록 ()
[I said it loudly enough] that it would reach my father's ears ...

빨리 그를 보내도록 (과객 12)
do all you can to get rid of him ...