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-다가 【며칠 동안 계시다가 오세요】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
연결어미 Connective ending (연결어미 Connective ending)
『 』
Does/did (is/was) and then; does/did (is/was) but; when. Shows a change or shift in action or state or emphasizes a shift of place, purpose, direction, benefit, etc., in the action occurring.
on plain bases
며칠 동안 계시다가 오세요 (무진 4)
stay in Mujin for several days and then return

여름 장마 때나 돼야 물이 콸콸 흐르다가 마는 이름만 개울이지 (아버지 )
It's a stream alright, only in names though, since there's lots of water flowing only during the rainy season in the summer.

전화를 받다가 문득 이런 생각을 했다 (아버지 )
As I answered the phone these thoughts suddenly popped into my head.

나는 몸을 떨다가 기진했다 (아버지 )
I was shaking until I was exhausted.

나는 자꾸 움츠러들다가 마치 날개 뜯긴 날벌레처럼 몸을 바르르 떨었다. (아버지 )
I was constantly flinching and trembled like an insect who had his wings torn away.

어느 순간은 종이 한장 차이도 나는 것 같지 않다가 검지만 않아도 되는 머리털에서 그들이 선남선녀로 느껴지는 순간이었다. (알마덴 )
… seemed [at one moment] like there was not so much as a single page's difference [them and me], but then [the next moment]they seemed like angels and fairies simply from the fact that their hair did not have to be black [like mine].

관계를 맺다가 돌아오곤 했다 (아버지 )
I would secure the relationship and then come home.

무명화가를 불쌍해하다가 (겨울 3)
At first, I took pity on this struggling (lit.: unknown) artist, but with time ...

다가 접어둔 책 (나무꾼)
a book that I had been reading for a while and then put down

망설이다가 수화기를 들었다. (우주여)
After hesitating a moment, he picked up the receiver.

떠내려가 막힌 녹두 껍질 = 떠내려가다가 막힌 녹두 껍질 (복덕방 )
pea pods which had gotten stuck while being washed down the drainage
on past bases
그 여교사가 시내에 나왔다가 나에게 연락을 해서 군청 휴게실에서 만났다. ()
아버지 11