Korean Grammar Dictionary

-는 법이다 【딸은 엄마를 닮는 법이다 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
There is reason to expect; it is (or seems) reasonable that ...; it can be expected that; it ought (it is supposed) to be that ...; it is the usual turn of events that ...; it is nature's law that ...; the inevitable way of the world is that; it stands to reason that ..., the way (law) of the world that ...

딸은 엄마를 닮는 법이다 (겨울 2)
daughters always resemble their mothers

여자의 질투를 위해선 휘어잡을 머리채가 마련돼 있어야 하는 법이다 . (겨울 2)
There ought to be [a hank of hair for one to grab] if you are to suffer/cope a woman's jealousy.

평생을 지속하는 법입니다 (과객 5)
It is usually the case that it continues throughout one's life.

흉도 이쁜 법이었다 (맹 순사)
It can be expected that her faults would be cute.

가난해두 두려울 게 없는 법야 (맹 순사)
Even if we're poor we ought not fear.

달도 차면 기우는 법인데 (맹 순사)
lit.: the full moon will always wane; i.e., all good things must come to an end

저절로 잊게 되는 법이오 (삼포 12)
Naturally, one tends to forget them [i.e., out of sight, out of mind].

남 안 주는 법이야 (옥토끼 )
It ought not to be given to others.

사람이 많아지면 하늘을 잊는 법이거든[Examples?] (삼포 29)
When the number of people increases, people forget Heaven (Rounded off with the explanatory or follow-up ending in –거든[요].)