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-는 바람에 【웃음소리를 내는 바람에 아이는 놀라 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
Modifier + postnoun/postmodifier 바람 (in) conjunction (with); (in) the process (of); (as a) consequence (of); (as a) result (of); due to the impetus/momentum/influence of ...-ing. The upshot is often undesirable.

웃음소리를 내는 바람에 아이는 놀라 (나무꾼)
the child startled on account of his laughing aloud

살기 좋다는 바람에 (고향 4)
on account of people saying it was good to live there

차장이 깨우는 바람에 (아버지 )
because the driver woke me up

다른 회사와 합병되는 바람에 (무진 9)
as a consequence of the fact that [the pharmaceutical company] was merged with another [bigger] company ...

중지되고 마는 바람에 (복덕방1)
it ending up being suspended/called off