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-느라(고) 【그러느라고 아주 숙면이 되었었다 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
연결어미 Connective ending (연결어미 Connective ending)
『 』
Processive adjunctive -느라(고): what with doing; with the idea to do, with the intention of doing; because of the process involved in ... ; as a result of doing, because of (...-ing); what with all the effort involved in . . . -ing.

그러느라고 아주 숙면이 되었었다 (맹 순사)
As a result of this, he became very familiar with [Kang].

그럼 구두 낚느라고 애를 쓰지 않아도 된다 (빙하기 )
If so, he would not have had to work so hard to fish for shoes

단추를 여느라고 턱을 치켜들었다 (삼포 2)
[He] raised his jaw so as to unbutton [his fur hat].

정 씨는 웃음을 참느라구 자꾸만 송림 쪽으로 고개를 돌렸다. (삼포 18)
Mr. Chŏng, trying to suppress his laughter, kept turning his head back in the direction of Songrim.

인원 점검을 받느라고 군청 마당에 도열한 사람들 사이로 뛰어갔다. (아버지 )
I weaved through lines of people, all waiting to be counted, that had now forming in the yard in front of the county office.

생각의 갈피를 헤매느라 베개 위에서 머리를 뒤척이는 동안 불면의 밤은 허옇게 밝아지고는 하였다. (알마덴 )
While I tossed my head left and right on my pillow, wandering in between these thoughts/In between these reveries, the sleepless nights would brighten up into a new day.

먼길을 걷느라고 발갛게 달아 있었다 (삼포 17)
Her face had turned red, as a result of walking the long distance.

이건 누굴 엿먹이느라구 수작질인가 (삼포 2)
Just who are you trying to make fun of? (lit.: [I thought,] "Is this guy pulling a stunt to provoke someone [me]?")

그이가 좋아하는 음식을 만드느라 좀 부산을 떨었다. (빈처)
I got busy preparing the food he liked.

밤새 깨어 있었던 흔적을 내지 않느라 (나무꾼)
in an effort to give no indication that she had been awake all night long

집안일을 하느라 엄마는 새벽부터 자정까지 부지런히 움직여야 했다. (도마뱀)
With all the housework she had to do, mom was on the move from dawn until midnight.

홀로 지수 자매를 키우느라 황혼을 맞은 남자. (나무꾼)
[Their father] was a man who had entered the twilight of his life struggling to raise Chisu and her sister on his own.