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-나마나(이다) 【옷을 입으나마나다 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
연결어미 Connective ending (연결어미 Connective ending)
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-(으)나마나(이다): there might as well be, it's all the same whether one does it or not, makes no difference whether one does it or not, one might as well not [even] there is no need to; it is useless/unnecessary to ...

옷을 입으나마나다 (빙하기 )
it is all the same whether one wears clothes or not (i.e., he might as well have been naked).

으나마나다 (빙하기 )
it doesn't make any difference to them whether there are [Japanese and Western-food restaurants in the Mambo Building ...]

나마나다 (빙하기 )
lit.: it makes no difference whether you look or not; i.e., it is obvious/predictable

으나마나 가 아니라 (빙하기 )
it is not just a matter of whether or not he fished [the two pairs of shoes] ...