Korean Grammar Dictionary

까지 【혼(魂)까지 옮아 붙은 영정(影幀)을 보는 느낌이었다 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
보조사 (보조사)
『 』
(extent, emphasis) up to even so far as; the very; up to and including.

혼(魂)까지 옮아 붙은 영정(影幀)을 보는 느낌이었다 (겨울 2)
it was as though I were looking at a portrait into which he had moved her very soul

결혼까지 하고 (겨울 3)
and I even went so far as to marry him ...

사는 날까지 (복덕방 )
as long as I am alive (lit., until the day I am [still] alive)

머리때까지 (복덕방 )
even the dirt from his hair

까지 맞은 날이면 (불 13)
on days that they went as far as whipping him ...

주정뱅이 하씨까지 데리고 (산행 4)
went as far as taking Mr. Ha the drunkard along ...

까지 춰댔다 (산행 19)
went so far as to dance up a storm

반주까지 한잔 얻어마실 순 없겠습니까? (과객 6)
Would it not be possible to go as far as getting a drink off of you?

그녀는 이런 말까지 하지 않았던가. (빈처)
Didn't she once even goes so far as to say this?

삶을 비관하고 자살 충동까지 생겨서 그렇다며? (빈처)
Is it true that they become pessimistic about life and even develop impulses to commit suicide?

짜증까지 섞여 있었다. (빈처)
...was even tinged with annoyedness