Korean Grammar Dictionary

-기만 하면 【신도들은 모이기만 하면 엄마 얘기를 했다. 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
whenever one does it; no sooner does one do it, than ... ; all one/it has to do or be is ... (and then some result); once one does something, then ...; whenever ... ; as soon as; if one only does/is or were to do/be.

신도들은 모이기만 하면 엄마 얘기를 했다. (도마뱀)
whenever the parishioners got together, they talked about mom

누구라도 부딪치기만 하면 (나무꾼)
if somebody ever so much as ['just'] bumped into him

무진에 오기만 하면 (무진 3)
whenever I go to Mujin ...

그것도 일단 무진을 떠나기만 하면 (무진 19)
this too, as soon as I will leave Mujin ...

정말이기만 하면 (복덕방 )
if it were only true

순댓점을 얻어먹기만 하면 (아담 9)
if only [he] could get a morsel or two of sundae ...

길게 울어 주기만 하면 (학마을 )
no sooner did they give out a long cry, than ...

마을 사람들은 모여 앉기만 하면 분해하였다 (학마을 )
whenever the villagers would sit down together, they would get indignant

여자애가 바로 옆에 앉아 있기만 하다면 (산행 5)
if only I had a sweetheart sitting right across from me ...

네가 호랑이를 찍기만 한다면 (산행 10)
if only you take a picture of the tiger ...