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-기 마련이다 【그같은 부류의 인간들은 있기 마련입니다 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
One cannot help doing/being; one inevitably does/is. This pattern also occurs as -게 마련이다 and -도록 마련이다 with the same meaning. Samuel Martin flags this as 'dialect', but it appears to be pretty standard.

그같은 부류의 인간들은 있기 마련입니다 (과객 10)
it is inevitable that there will be those kinds of people

모든 여자들이 한번씩 꿈꾸어 보기 마련인 독신생활 (첫눈 2)
the single life that all women can't help dreaming of once