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-기로 한다 【잔디가 곱게 깔린 방죽길을 걷기로 했다 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
Decides to do, makes up one's mind to do; arranges to do; fixes (arranges) it so that; promises (agrees) to do.

잔디가 곱게 깔린 방죽길을 걷기로 했다 (무진 20)
I decided to walk towards the embankment where the grass was laid out prettily.

나는 고쳐 생각하기로 했다 (무진 22)
I decided to think about it again.

우리 서로 거짓말은 하지 말기로 해 (무진 29)
let's agree to never lie to each other

흐린 날엔 사람들은 헤어지지 말기로 하자 (무진 29)
let's agree that people should never part on an overcast day

삼천원을 돌리기로 하였다 (복덕방 )
arranged to borrow 3,000 wŏn

“내일 어머니가 오시기로 했어.” (나무꾼)
"My mother has decided to come tomorrow"; or, "It's been arranged for my mother to come tomorrow."

몸이 먼저 아이가 담긴 양수를 밀어내기로 한 모양이었다. (나무꾼)
It appeared that [Chisu's] body had decided to be the first to push out the amniotic fluid that was hugging the baby.