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-곤 한다 【가져도 안 가고 혼자 먹어 버리곤 하였다 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
The 'habitual pattern', abbreviated from -고는 하- makes a habit/regular practice (a regular thing) of doing; does it from time to time.

가져도 안 가고 혼자 먹어 버리곤 하였다 (감자 2)
used to never take any [of the harvest to the field owner] over and would eat it all up by himself instead

힘있게 부인하곤 하였다 (감자 8)
she would [always/routinely] deny this forcefully

나의 감각 속에서 일어나곤 했었던 것이다 (무진 17)
[this strange phenomenon] arose from time to time in my perception

아랫목 이불 속에 묻었다가 내주곤 했다 (빙하기 )
would bury it for a while under a blanket covering the warm spot of the floor then give it to him

숲과 골을 떠올리곤 했던 것이다 (산행 9)
I kept on conjuring up mountains and valleys

얼음이 녹았다가 다시 얼곤 해서 (삼포 7)
because ice would melt and then freeze again

몰래 쥐어 주곤 했다 (삼포 23)
she would sneak [cigarettes] into their hands

별들로 바뀌어져 있는 것을 느끼곤 했었다 (무진 17)
I felt from time to time as if the [sounds of the frogs] had transformed into countless stars

서 있곤 했었다 (삼포 24)
made it a habit of standing / used to stand

부두로 달음질치곤 했다 (아담 1)
would always rush out to the wharf

김칫국 해서 먹이곤 했다 (아담 4)
would always feed (him) kimch'i soup or something

그 다리는 흔들거리곤 했는데 (아버지 )
the bridge would sway ...

독신생활을 그리곤 했다 (첫눈 2)
regularly yearned for the single life

달리 할일이 없으면 화랑을 찾곤 했다 (첫눈 4)
I would regularly go to galleries when I had nothing else to do

천천히 물러서곤 하였다 (타인 17)
[the wall] would slowly step back

한 쌍의 학이 찾아오곤 하였었다 (학마을2)
a pair of cranes used to come visit

학은 꼭 찾아오곤 하였었다 (학마을 )
the cranes would always visit

그해 안에 시집을 가곤 하였다 (학마을 )
they would invariably get married within the year

으례 큰 쪽을 봉네에게 주곤 하였다 (학마을 )
he would always gave the biggest portion to Pongne

홱 돌아 들어가곤 하였다 (학마을 )
she would turn with a jerk and go back in

떠나가곤 하는 것이었다 (학마을 )
they (as was their regular practice) headed off; they would leave

물오리떼가 내려 앉았다가는 날아오르곤 했다 (삼포 21)
a flock of ducks would land [on the field] and then take off again ...

왕밤만을 골라 봉네를 주곤 하였다 (학마을 )
he would select and give her only the big chestnuts