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-고 만다1 【멈출 줄 모르는 고질병이 되고 말았다 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
The -고 form + auxiliary verb 마-ㄹ- to show final development of an action: ends up doing, finally does, gets around to doing, ultimately does.

멈출 줄 모르는 고질병이 되고 말았다 (겨울 13)
it finally became a chronic disease which would never stop (lit., which did not know how to stop)

동양척식회사의 소유에 들어가고 말았다 (고향 3)
ended up becoming the property of the Oriental Development Company

그의 어머니 또한 죽고 말았다 (고향 4)
his mother also ended up dying

그날 밤 이장영감도 갑자기 세상을 떠나고 말았다 (학마을 )
that night, the village head suddenly passed away, too

병을 다 말리고 말았다 (고향 8)
ended up draining the bottle

타국의 외로운 혼이 되고 말았다 (고향 4)
[his father] ended up a lonely soul in a foreign land

그를 내보내지 못하고 말았다 (과객 8)
I ended up not being able to send him away

8.15가 덜컥 달려들고 말았지만 (맹 순사)
the liberation of August Fifteenth ended up springing at him with a snap, but ...

그러나 결국 “안녕히 가십시오”는 나오지 않고 말았다 . (무진 8)
I ended up not even getting a good-bye.

무안만 당하고 말았 (무진 25)
I ended up disgraced ...

고 말았다 (복덕방 )
ended up by lying down

앓아눕고 말았다 (빙하기 )
he] ended up falling ill [in bed sick]

요즘은 적어지고 말았다 (복덕방 )
lately [such emotions] had ended up becoming quite infrequent altogether

동네 부근에 퍼지고 말았다 (불 3)
had spread throughout the village

두세 번 먼저 퍼 담아주고 말았다 (불 3)
I ended up first filling up her pitcher two or three times

무슨 결산이나 하고 마는 것처럼 (불 17)
this was seen as sort of a score-settling final act

배가 푹 꺼지고 만다 (빙하기 )
his stomach ends up totally empty

그대로 지나치고 말았다 (빙하기 )
ended up walking past

중지되고 마는 바람에 (복덕방 )
on account of it ending up being suspended/called off

역사적인 인물이 되고 만다는 (산행 10)
[to the effect that one] will end up becoming a historical figure ...

영달이는 픽 웃고 말았다 (삼포 3)
Yŏngdal in the end just grinned

집어 던지고 만다 (소나기 )
ends up picking it out [of her mouth] and throwing it away

잡아서 먹여 버리고 말았던 것이다 (옥토끼 )
he ended up killing it and feeding it to her

푹 그 자리에 까무러치고 말았다 (학마을2)
[he] ended up fainting dead away right on the spot

이웃 마을로 시집을 가고 말았다 (학마을5)
[T'ansil] ended up marrying [someone] from the neighboring village

상대편을 찌르고 말듯한 절망 (무진 28)
a despair as if [she] might up and stab the other person

칼을 풀어 놓고 말았다 (맹 순사)
ended up taking off his sword ...