Korean Grammar Dictionary

-게 된다 【그들의 입길에서 오르내리게 되었다. 】 [ edit | delete | edit examples ]
관용구 ()
『 』
Turning out (getting to be, coming to pass, happening) so that; getting to; being arranged so that.

그들의 입길에서 오르내리게 되었다. (고향 4)
[the sound of people saying, “This is it, it’s all over,”] came rolling off their lips with great frequency

실작인에게는 지주 행세를 하게 되었다. (고향 4)
[this thing called a "middleman tenant" came into being, and, while they had never once even touched the earth with their hands, they on the role of tenant farmer at the Oriental Development Company, and] ended up behaving like a landlord to the actual/true farmhand

일본으로 또 벌이를 찾아가게 되었다. (고향 5)
…ended up going over to Japan to look for work.

그 일본집에 있게 되었던 것이었다. (고향 7)
She had ended up staying with that Japanese family.

여기엔 얼마쯤 있게 되나? (무진 12)
(lit., how long does it turn out that you will be here?) How long are you going to be here?

오지 않게 될 것 같은 예감이 들었다. (아버지 )
I had a feeling that I would not come back.

나중엔 날 수가 없게 되어 모조리 잡혀 멸종당했다. (우주여)
Later [the birds] lost the ability to fly and became extinct after they were all caught.

이주자들은 불모의 황무지에 살게 될 것이라고 책을 통해 알게 된 것 (우주여)
the things he had learned through the book; that the settlers would end up living in a barren wasteland

시계가 틀리면 산소가 떨어진 것을 몰라 죽게 된다. (우주여)
If your watch is wrong, you end up dying because you don't know you've run out of oxygen.